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Beltone SmartRemote

Introducing the world's best app for hearing aids!

All you need is Direct Phone Link 2 and SmartRemote to use your iPhone® or Android™ as a discreet remote control. Adjust volume, change listening programs, enjoy clear phone calls, and more. A simple swipe of your fingers is all it takes. The app is free, and easy to use.

Smart Remote from Beltone Hearing Aids

With SmartRemote:
  • Privately adjust hearing aid volume in one or both ears
  • Easily change listening programs to suit your current environment
  • Reduce the sounds around you when you're using the phone


Beltone's award-winning 2.4 GHz wireless technology makes SmartRemote fast and effective. 2.4 GHz streaming is the industry standard for all Bluetooth® technology.

Beltone Direct Phone Link 2 in Action

Enjoy clear, crisp phone calls with Beltone Direct Phone Link 2

Phone calls sound amazing with Direct Phone Link 2. Combine it with our wireless hearing instruments, and delight in clear, comfortable phone calls.

  • The sound signal streams from phone to hearing aids, so it's exceptionally clean and crisp. Conversation is easy to understand.
  • Sound enters your custom–programmed hearing aids. Enjoy a listening experience tailored to you.
  • Listen to the conversation in both ears if you prefer, instead of just one.

Small and lightweight, Direct Phone Link 2 clips to a shirt or lapel. You hear your phone ring in your hearing aids, even if the phone is in your purse, pocket or briefcase. Press a button to start talking, and converse hands–free. The conversation is streamed directly to your hearing aids. There's even a mute button to reduce surroundinPhone Link Appg sounds when you're on the phone.

Direct Phone Link 2 works with any Bluetooth® enabled device and can be paired with two different phones. It's the only hands–free device to use 2.4 GHz technology to send a strong and secure signal directly to your hearing aids.


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Beltone Direct TV LinkThe Beltone Remote Control

The Beltone Direct Remote Control turns on and adjusts the volume of the signal from the the Direct TV Link and discreetly adjusts your hearing instruments. The large screen is easy to read and includes volume and environmental program displays as well as a helpful low-battery indicator.

Beltone Direct TV LinkThe Beltone Direct TV Link

The Beltone Direct TV Link is the first direct-to-the-ear way to watch TV, whether you're alone or with others. It streams high-quality stereo sound from televisions, stereos and PCs right into your hearing aids, without the need for a relay device or "bridge." No "neckloop" or cord is required, so you are free to move around as you please.

PWN myPalBeltone Direct Personal Audio Link (MyPal)

Our newest Direct Line accessory, Beltone myPAL helps you hear exactly what you want to hear in noisy environments like restaurants, lectures, or meetings. A small, portable accessory, myPAL can be worn by someone you want to hear. MyPal picks up and streams their voice into your hearing aids, in virtual real time.

Beltone MyPAL can also be placed in front of a device, such as the television at a friend's house, to stream sound directly into your hearing aids. Plus, myPAL can be connected to your PC, iPAD, or MP3 player, to stream sound to your hearing aids. So, no matter where you go, you won't miss a moment.